Flower spray by Heather Mendel

Last updated July 2010

Heather Mendel designs word-paintings of a spiritual nature. Testament to the sacred union of loving partners, the contemporary ketubah documents, in words and images, an ethical and loving mutual commitment made by a couple at the time of their wedding ceremony. For twenty years, Heather has specialized in the creation of innovative and fresh ketubah designs that bridge the traditional with the transformative. Her latest line features kaleidoscopic mandalas designed from the bridal bouquet or chuppah flowers. Heather's unique 'Word of Art' prints are hand-finished with metallic foils that bring a luster and sparkle to the ketubah. She offers texts and designs for all ceremonies - Jewish, interfaith and same-sex celebrations. Over the years she has also been commissioned to create anniversary ketubot for couples commemorating years of loving commitment to one another.

In addition to ketubah designs, in her calligraphic studio on the Central Coast of California, she delights in the synthesis of the written letter and visual image that inspire, uplift, brighten and beautify the home and heart. Words, drawn both from the spiritual wisdom of the ages or from more contemporary inspirational sources complement Heather's unique sense of color, pattern and flow.

For more information about Heather's works, please visit her sister websites: sacredfemininekabbalah.com and heathermendel.com

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