Flower spray by Heather Mendel

Last updated July 2010

As a wordartist, Heather Mendel designs word-paintings of a spiritual nature. In this calligraphic design studio in Upstate New York, the marriage of the written letter and visual image is celebrated in creative ways to brighten and beautify our lives. Heather has created several decks of oracle cards to complement her books listed below.

Words, drawn both from the spiritual wisdom of the ages or from more contemporary inspirational sources enhance Heather's unique sense of color, pattern and flow. Her work is often finished with raised, hand-done illumination that brings a subtle sparkle to her artwork.

Welcome to the website and enjoy our offerings.

wordartist.com provides links to the published works of Heather Mendel:

The Parallax Oracle: Archetypal Kabbalah, Tarot and the Tree of Life, A Word of Art, 2020

The Oracle Speaks: The Magic Moon Lenormand Oracle Workbook, Word of Art, 2018

The Sacred Mandala Tarot: mystery, mindfulness and manifestation, Word Of Art, 2016

The Syzygy Oracle: Transformational Tarot and The tree of Life, Dodona Books, UK 2013

Dancing In The Footsteps of Eve: retrieving the healing gift of the Sacred Feminine for human family through myth and mysticism, O Books, 2009

Towards Freedom: a feminist haggada for men and women in the new millennium, A Word of Art, 1995

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