Flower spray by Heather Mendel

Last updated July 2010

Towards Freedom: a feminist haggadah/haggada for men and women in the new millennium.

This egalitarian, mystical haggadah/haggada, written in 1995 and revised in 2001, is a unique sharing of the ancient Passover story in a new way, both through its text and imagery. At Passover (Pesach) each year, we tell the story of the Exodus using a haggadah or 'telling' of the tale. In this feminist haggadah for men and women, Heather Mendel introduces readers not only to the characters and story of the normative tale, but does so through the use of the feminine voice and female imagery. This haggadah is based on the concept of the mystical world Four Worlds of kabbalah. Sharing stories comes so naturally to women. The revised edition of Towards Freedom now includes Heather's delightful illustrations in full color. The cover is a copy of her silk painting, conveying a sense of liberation on journey to freedom. The universality of this story of the exodus can be applied to any circumstance of enslavement. This haggadah is dedicated to all women everywhere and our journey, as a sisterhood, to liberation, self esteem and hope, as we create an inclusive society that recalls and honors its connection to the earth, to nature and the oneness of creation.


Signed copies of "Towards Freedom" are available from Heather for $20 plus s/h. The haggada(h) is also available from Amazon.