Flower spray by Heather Mendel

Last updated July 2010

The contemporary ketuba (ketubah), a marriage contract, is egalitarian in nature and is a spiritual and ethical commitment signed by a couple at the most pivotal moment of their lives. Designed as a work of art, it becomes, over the years, a tangible reminder of their dreams and aspirations.

Word of Art ketubot are available as personalized giclee prints on archival watercolor paper. Each ketuba(h) can be ordered as a standard or deluxe print, the latter being enhanced by hand-done illumination that has become the trademark of Heather’s original artwork. This process raises the letters off the surface, and the glow of the illuminated letters adds a textual dimension and shimmer to the work. This unique sparkle is the signature of these ketubot. Heather is also willing to create custom texts for her clients on all available designs. She can also create an entirely original Word of Art ketuba(h)for the discerning client. Email A Word of Art for details.